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Song-Ophelia Made with-KineMaster Made with-gacha life Made with-ibis Paint Hope you like it

Sorry I’m posting this now because I know I won’t have time later to post this. This is not my audio I did not mean to offend anyone Pic by -...

Ophelia || Glmv || warning: this video includes suicide and some blood!!

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Song used in video- " Ophelila " by The Lumineers Original Audio: All credit goes to original owners Copyright...

Top 36 🌸👑 Ophelia Meme 🤴❤️ Meme [Ep.1] 👑🌸 Gacha Life TikTok Compilation ✔️❤️

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Top 36 🌸👑 Ophelia Meme 🤴❤️ Meme [Ep.1] 👑🌸 Gacha Life TikTok Compilation ✔️❤️ The best gachalife Can you DANCE like this memes (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ All...

#GLMV #GachaLife #GachaClub #GCMV

Ophelia | Gacha life | GLMM | Original | Gacha life mini movie | kinda sad |

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Welcome to the description ^•^❤️ Tysm for all the love and support❤️ I know this video wound get any views, but I just wanna say I worked...

TOP 27 💥•Ophelia Meme•💥 | MLB | Gacha Life TikTok Compilation

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I LITERALLY CANNOT OMG! 2K VEIWS?! Omfg I am so happyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi, I’m (Madelyn) still dead inside from Banana Fish I am now watching Yuri On Ice and it’s starting to cure me

hiiii i know i haven’t posted a video in a bit but i have been a bit active on my community page, and i explained there why i haven’t uploaded....